• Hosting services

  • Storage solutions

  • AWS integrator

  • Energy optimisation

  • SD-WAN integrator

  • VSAT operator/design

  • LORA / Decawave

  • Wireless backhaul links (up to +250 Km)


  • Wireless technologies

  • Machine learning (Linear Regressions / Deep learning)

  • Energy storage technologies


  • Big-data visualisations

  • Network Analytics

  • Machine learning/alerting


                      brings the power of datacenters to low-bandwidth & high availability environments.  Combining cloud technology, with temporary off-line systems, allows us to enable artificial intelligence, machine learning & big-data to the most  remote & demanding locations



A collection of projects we've realised with passion

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica
Full IT & Network architecture/design/support
Finance, medical & energy industry
Project management of multiple data center & cloud integrations
Energy industry
Installation & design of multiple VSAT installations + responsible for data repatriation in remote locations.
Energy industry
Design & installation of multiple temporary datacenters + power optimalisation by renewables
Wireless surveys
+ 10 years experience on wireless surveys & operations (indoor/outdoor)
Government / energy industry
Deployment of 3 PO in LoraWAN / Decawave for nature conservation projects + energy distribution company.
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2017 - ESA:R(e)volution in Space  

2018 - Zero Emissoin Datacenter development

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The combination of 15 years knowledge in wireless networks and the datacentre infrastructure allowed us to provide unique solutions to the most challenging projects.  

From designing your data center, wireless coverage or a dedicated satellite connection, we’re convinced that Eomnia can collect, transmit or process all your data.

Each project is covered by these 3 simple steps:


Local processing:  Our knowledge in industrial engineering & electronics allows us to collect the most essential sensor data & do pre-processing to reduce the data payload before sending


Data transmission:  Latest evolutions in SD-WAN, Lora, LTE,VSAT etc … provide us the tools & knowledge to collect data from the most remote & challenging locations.


Data processing: Once data is collected in our datacentre we use the latest analytics & machine learning techniques to visualize & understand the customer data.

Today we have successful deployments in following fields: IOT, Logistics, off-shore industry, energy industry, science & construction.

Continuous R&D also allowed us to apply our knowledge in the domain of agriculture (smart-farms) & even space (ground-station).


Thomas Petracca, Eomnia



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Energy industry

Installation & design of multiple VSAT installations + responsible for data repatriation in remote locations.